Lambrecht Meteo GmbH is a meteorological company based in germany. Behind this company stands a team of dedicated and competent employees and experts that is active in the market of meteorological measuring technique since many years.

Manvis has become a distributor of Lambrecht products since 2015 to support in several sector such as government agencies, mining agencies, dam monitoring, university research and many others.

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BILLINGSLEY Aerospace and Defense

Billingsley provides instrumentation for the U.S. military for a variety of applications in addition to extensive attitude control magnetometer implementations on satellite programs large and small.  Billingsley has 50 years of combined experience in designing and producing ultra high-reliability fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers and Helmholtz Coil systems. Billingsley perform the research and development necessary to push the state of the art in sensor sensitivity, stability, and low noise performance.

Manvis has installed callibrator magnetometer since 2014 to support research at Indonesia Space Agency and Callibration Laboratory at Indonesia Weather Agency

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link : Billingsley Aerospace and Defense


REMTECH, a company which developed innovative, reliable and user-friendly state-of-the-art instruments: the DOPPLER SODAR system which measures remotely a vertical profile of wind speed, direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters up to 400, 700 and 3,000 meters average altitude range depending on Sodar model. REMTECH wind measurement systems are now used in over 55 countries worldwide, from Alaska to South Africa and for various applications such as wind energy, airports, in and offshore measurement, meteorological and military applications.

Manvis as company that provide goods and service in geo instruments become a distributor of SODAR REMTECH since 2011 to support research agencies.

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Tamaya Shoten was the first Japanese company to import surveying equipment from overseas and to distribute them in Japan. It is also the first company to produce a surveying equipment (a pocket compass in its original form) in Japan. Tamaya has always been a pioneer in the field of surveying in Japan. Today Tamaya specialize in manufacturing, sales, and export of surveying instruments, drawing instruments, weather equipment, optical instruments, measuring instruments, and navigation instruments. One of Tamaya product is TD-4, this is a digital balloon theodolite which traces a pilot balloon in the air, and through elevation and azimuth data informs the user the conditions in the upper atmosphere.

Manvis has proven the excellence of Digital Pilot Balloon TD-4 to some weather agencies and universities in Indonesia.

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link : Tamaya

Hyquest Solution

HYQUEST caters for all your hydrological needs, from field sensors, loggers, data acquisition, data management through to data distribution and publication. HYQUEST Solutions (HS) is a leading manufacturer of a range of meteorological equipment such as Rain Gauges, Telemetered Rainfall Systems, Calibration Equipment, Snow Analyzer, Snow Depth Sensors & Evaporation Measuring Equipment. Hyquest Solutions has a rain Calibration device which already standardized with ISO 9001 which makes this device reliable.

Manvis as a provider of meteorological instruments has supplied TB340A rain gauge calibrator to support our weather agencies to upgrade the rain calibrator in calibration laboratories all over Indonesia. 

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link : Hyquest Solutions

Enviro Technology Services

Founded in 1983, Enviro Technology (ET) has firmly established itself as the world’s leading supplier and service provider of air quality monitoring systems. Enviro Technology Services provides scientific instrumentation, systems and services to help government, local authorities, industry, academia, agencies and consultants to accurately and reliably quantify the concentrations of various dangerous air pollutants so that data can be produced and made publically available. To measure is to know, and with knowledge comes power. Power to make things better, to help clean up the air in our towns and cities and to ensure that our right for clean air is upheld.

Awareness about air pollution is growing day by day as are the number of diseases and symptoms that are caused by or exacerbated by poor air quality, but even now, in the 21st century, many people are oblivious to the facts and true health impacts of modern day urban air pollution. Operating with an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, quality is built in to every level of the business with customer care at its very core.

Manvis installed air quality monitoring (AQM) system in Bandung to support our environment agency in 2016. The AQM installed across city to represent of air quality in Bandung to get the information and to increase the awareness about air pollution. 

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Established in 2004, R-sensors is one of leading manufacturers of seismic and geophysical instruments in Russia. R-sensors’ broadband and short-period seismometers, seismic accelerometers, data loggers, geophones and other seismic and geophysical instruments are notable for a high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, rugged assembly, low power consumption and compact size. R-sensors’ customers include engineering firms, research centers and universities, government organizations in Russia and other countries.

Manvis in Indonesia has become a distributor of R-Sensors products since 2014 to support in several sector such as weather agencies and universities.

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link : R-Sensors


Manvis as a company that offer software and system integrator solutions also develops custom product according to client’s requirements. Some of the products that we have developed are data loggers, lightning protection system, automated rain gauge (ARG) system, automated weather station (AWS) system, automated weather observing system (AWOS) and many others.

Please contact us to get costum design of your meteorological and geophisical instruments. Our engineer are pleased to provide any special requirement you needs.

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