Scientific Modelling

We have Linux and model expertise. We can help our clients to deploy scientific models in their own server in no time. We have already tested several models in our own server and ready to deploy. 

The output of these models can be static images, or state of the art dynamic contour.

The model output can be displayed with our Monitoring System Product, overlayed with realtime sensors, or It can be shown in separated website.

Example: (upper left) geophysical 3D contour, (lower left) oceanic 2D contour.

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System Integrator

MANVIS provides solution for building Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Automated Rain Gauge (ARG), Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), Calibration Laboratory and Geophysical Observation System.

We have good relations with worldwide vendors who produce first class meteorological and geophysical sensors. Clients can choose wide range variety (custom) to put in their systems. For product informations please visit here

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Monitoring System

We can provide a scientific website for clients company need. We have modules for displaying real-time sensor information, sensor measurement database, contour plots of raster data and so much more. The visualization is fully customizable for our customer needs.

The display can be equipped with weather forecast overlay from NCAR, ECMWF, or clients model. For these upgrades see our Scientific Modelling product.

Overlay of Ocean and Meteorological Models:

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High Performance Computing (HPC)

We have building HPC since 2010, our team of Linux HPC experts are among the best in Indonesia. Our HPC clients are including goverment, weather agencies, universities, space agencies, and many more. We can create multi-purpose HPC that supports our client needs, best in price-performance ratio, scalable, reliable and many more features.

The HPC will be optimized to clients computer model. We configure the compiler optimization so the clients model will utilize 100% of the hardware power.

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Trainings And Consultant

We have post-graduate and doctoral experts that have more than 10 years of experience in meteorogical and geophysical subject.

We are happy to share our experience! If you are interested or have some problems in meteorology and geophysics, please don’t hasitate to consult us. We will arrange training or consulting just for you.

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