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Nunukan Port

Nunukan, Indonesia

Automatic Weather Station

Tangerang, Indonesia

AUtomatic Weather Station

Tangerang, Indonesia


Become a leading company in geo instruments, services, and technologies

Manvis was founded in 1999 that provide goods and service. Manvis also offers a multitude applications to satisfy different target groups from consumers, groups, industrial businesses, even government.

Some of our strengths…

  •  Alliances with leading technology providers
  •  Quality Management System
  •  Flexible engagement models

Our vision: to become a leading company in geo instruments, services and technologies.

Our mission: to serve our customers as the most trusted partner with leading geo instruments and services – as a passionate team united by shared values.

Our values: customers and consumers, people, financial performance, sustainability, family business

Our Approach

We are a dedicated and expert team in developing instrument solutions, and customizing them for our clients. We are able to provide better and sustainable solution. We want to create great bond with our customers through our solid teamwork.

Innovation in Action

We have a clear long-term strategy which is based on our purpose, vision, mission and values. It is the foundation which helps us successfully shape the future of our company.

We have strengthened our competencies through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. We want Manvis to become more customer-focused, more innovative, and customer-facing activities. To achieve this ambition, we aim to promote sustainability in all our business activities and reinforcing our leading position.

PT. Manvis Teknologi Enjinering

Address Cikutra 27, Bandung 40124, Indonesia

Email info@manvis.com